College Prep Group Coaching for New High School Graduates

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From Nida Jawed, Your life coach

Dear Graduates and families,

Congratulations on finishing High School!

High school is an emotional journey as much as it is about academics, years of friends, grades, and acceptance. The years of high school are more about “who accepts me?” than “what is acceptable to me?”

Dear Parents,

You asked me how you may help your graduates prepare for college, and I am answering with an affordable option to help your graduate transition into university life easier.

The next phase of your graduates’ university life is the transition into adulthood, and the sooner their mindset changes to,” What is acceptable to me?” the more accessible this journey and coming years will be for them.

I bring you the areas of focus in this 5-week program most college students struggle with, and I will like to offer my assistance in preparing your graduate for the next educational journey.

I am bringing you immense value as a gift from me to you and your graduate, a complete group coaching program offer this summer for the discounted fee of $297

The program structure is as follows:


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College prep Group Coaching 5 week program

5-week group coaching program over ZOOM Zoom links sent weekly before sessions, please read the details on this page Life Coach Nida Jawed will offer her assistance in preparing your graduate for the next educational journey. two step prosess: 1. Register your graduate using the provided form below 2. complete the payment


In addition, I am a mother of a university student and a high schooler, so I can relate to the worries parents have; I assure you, I have your back in supporting your graduate, and I trust myself to bring your graduate up to speed in life and be resilient towards all challenges; I know as parents, you will not be disappointed. This is an investment you want to make.

Have your graduate join me every Thursday this summer over ZOOM group coaching from 2 pm to 3:30 pm, From July 6th through August 3rd, 2023. 

Orientation will be on Wednesday, June 21st, 2023, at 2:00 pm central.

Click the link to save your graduate’s seat and complete your payment.

This will be your graduate’s stepping stone of an experience toward a fulfilling college life and adulthood. 

How will these 5 weeks help the Graduate?

The group coaching will help your graduates in the following ways and more:

  1. They will learn strategies to create their own success without depending on validation and meeting the expectations of the next person, friends, family, or teachers. Self-reliance.
  2. They will learn to use “overthinking” to resolve problems, not create them.
  3. They will learn to align their mind, body, and soul to gain self-awareness and work to use their gifts, strengths, and skills to master the tasks and circumstances on hand.
  4. They will learn to create opportunities and achieve desirable results through decision-making strategies.
  5. They will be ahead of their age group in persistence and consistency and will level up; they will work with time, not against it: procrastination will not be a worry. 
  6. Plus, a bonus opportunity to continue working one-on-one with their favorite coach after the program ends.

Let’s build great future adults together.

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