Covid-19 Pandemic

There are individuals in different countries around the world who are in lockdown as we speak, Quarantined. It becomes tough to manage the time spectrum, see the silver lining through the anxiety, and endure isolation. To help make this time a little easier for many around the globe, Nida Jawed has created a series of motivational videos to elevate your patience during these testing times.

For messaging Nida Jawed and retrieving motivational videos: click here Quarantine Motivation

Nida Jawed is taking clients who find themselves in challenging circumstances as a direct result of quarantine, with relationships, performance, unemployment, and other issues. Feel free to send Nida a message with your questions when you feel your endurance is thinning; she is ready to listen and guide you.

Frontline Heroes

Let’s face it, our frontline heroes who are under the direct eye of the Covid-19 storm are facing the horror 1st hand. It will be foolish not to acknowledge their fears and traumas as all our medical heroes and others deal with patients day in and day out. Covid-19 is increasing the need for mental health professionals, and as a Life Coach, I am ready to serve to make sure sanity is maintained.

The stress the medical professionals are under, the vulnerability they are experiences treating patients with limited protective gear is undeniable. As more and more of the frontline medical providers find themselves needing assistance with mental stability, I am opening my doors to serve them cost-free!

I appreciate every person on the frontlines who are putting their life and wellbeing of their family at risk to serve humanity. Coaching our frontline heroes is the little I can do to help those who are serving the ill without complaints.

Of course, anxiety in this Covid-19 pandemic is a natural response; however, it can be dangerous if it is our frontline providers who end up suffering from it, which many of them are. How can they possibly maintain their sanity if they have no assistance?

I will be more than happy to do my part during this time by serving our heroes. I offer my service to help them adjust with their challenging pandemic life changes at home, everyday stress, and strategies that can make each day a little better.

To all the frontline heroes and facilities:

Please, fill out the following form for the individual 30-minute online session for our frontline heroes.  The hospitals can book a group coaching 30-minute online sessions for your medical staff.  Zoom sessions.

Allow me to be part of the solution and ease your mind, so you are better mentally equipped and ready to serve the patients who need you the most!

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