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What does a Life Coach do?

Life Coach empowers, encourages, and guides clients on various professional and personal issues. The coach works to determine the origins of the current circumstances, negative beliefs, and the client’s thoughts then helps redirect all towards a positive mindset and outcomes.

Clients go through the journey of self-discovery and awareness with the life coach as they both work together to achieve the client’s desired goals.

The life coach works with the client to identify goals and clear vision.

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is unlike therapy or clinical counseling. This service is for those who want to better their lives, improve their circumstances, and need assistance in living an aligned, balanced, and fulfilled life.

Life Coaching is an action-based service that compels clients to be accountable for implementing plans and discipline for acquiring positive results and change. All programs are structured around the client’s capability, vision, goals, and personality. Each strategy is customized to fit clients individual needs.

Who is Nida Jawed serving as a life coach?

Nida Jawed is a certified professional Life Coach. She has been called gifted for her talents as a life coach. Nida’s client, Jennifer King, has been quoted saying, “Working with Nida Jawed means you are about to enter the best part of your life.”

Nida works primarily with professionals and entrepreneurs who want to live an aligned, balanced, and fulfilled life. However, she does not turn away anyone who can benefit from her help.

She works with men and women alike and believes in empowering both.

She specializes in life coaching, relationship coaching, and parenting coaching, while also serving other aspects of the client’s life to create a full balance.

For additional inquires, email nida@nidajwed.com.

I am already working with a psychologist, do I need a life coach too?

Nida Jawed works alongside psychologists to help clients achieve their stability faster. Coach can help you regulate your life and start living as you seek clinical help. Your life does not need to be at a pause during your treatment, and a life coach can help. While you deal with your primary mental illness or addiction, your life will require a balance and an alignment, and a life coach can be the perfect ally as you go through this journey to make sure your family, work, and others get the best version of you.

Why should I pick Nida Jawed to be my life coach?

When considering a life coach, here is what makes Nida distinct from other life coaches.

She has studied anthropology, psychology, and she is a certified life coach.  In other words, she has studied different cultures and is aware of how the human mind works to help diverse clients live and achieve desired life goals.

Nida’s clients have a high rate of success in achieving their goals, thriving in their marriage, and in being the parental heroes to their kids.

Nida designs and creates her original plans/programs for her clients and does not believe in cookie-cutter methodology.

Nevertheless, you do not have to take our words for it. You want to find out if Nida is the life coach for you, then click Services to book your 20-minute free session and find out for yourself, you have nothing to lose, and there is no obligation to sign up for services.

Where do the sessions take place?

Nida Jawed has clients all over the United States, as well as international clients who conveniently have sessions with her online. Group sessions take place on the Zoom platform, and so do individual sessions, and platforms used for meetings also include Facebook messenger and skype.

What are some of the misconceptions about life coaching?

“Anyone can become a coach.”

Of course, anyone can invest in an educational aspect; however, being useful and of value to the client in a particular profession is another story.

Right and passionate life coaches invest significantly in their education and skills, acquire training that blends their expertise, passion, and skills to mastery. They have overcome challenges, have healed through traumas of their own first, and then serve others to achieve the same. They have achieved self-awareness and satisfaction in their personal life as well.

“Coaches are therapist.”

It does get confusing for individuals to distinguish between coaches and therapists. Coaches are not therapists; they are not qualified to give clinical diagnoses or evaluate you for any disorder or mental illness.

Life coaches are concerned with your present. Life coaches work with your current situations and help you in strategical ways moving forward in life, helping you create the future you dream. Therapists often look at your past and are not action-based service.

How long does the coaching last?

Nida offers three different packages that help her clients get the maximum benefits from coaching services. Let’s face it, setbacks, roadblocks, emotions, and experiences you have accumulated over time will require some time to sort through.

One session is not enough to help you get on your way to the future or fix everything in an instant.

When signing up for Life Coaching, be mindful of the fact that this is not a magical service that will instantly make everything better.

The starter package is five sessions, scheduled as one session per week. This package is the most popular with 1st-time clients, and then after evaluating progress, further planning is implemented.

Life Coaching is the best investment worth making.

Does Nida Jawed conduct group coaching events for firms, organizations, and corporate companies?

Yes, Nida Jawed conducts online and in-person group coaching sessions. Nida works with the employers to help their employees be more mindful, self-aware,  and increase in their productivity. The employees find themselves to be more productive and motivated to work at their best afterward. Nida introduces the forgotten human connection to the work environment where emotions coincide with professional work ethics and outcomes. She has delivered talks over different subjects that increase productivity, one being the balance between personal and professional life.

I am successful, financially stable. Why should I hire a life coach?

Many millionaires have benefited from coaching services; even Oprah Winfrey has hired a life coach. Being successful and wealthy is no guarantee of a balanced, aligned, and fulfilled life. Many well off people often find themselves at a loss when it comes to happiness.

If you are financially stable, yet still struggling to feel fulfilled, give Nida Jawed a call, you should be happy with your life as well.

I can reach my own goals; why should I hire a coach?

Great, but how close have you gotten to your goals?

Slow and steady indeed wins the race; however, time, situations, relatives, health, and other unforeseen obstacles can slow the person down more and more. You end up putting yourself last.

Life coaching can help you navigate through your life’s challenges that are slowing you down with corrective planning and optimizing thoughts and actions. You can do it yourself, but those who want to achieve goals are not afraid to ask for help, in this case, give Nida Jawed a call, (469) 609-0870

What inspired Nida Jawed to become a life coach?

Nida has always been an empathic individual; she has gone through her own set of challenges that tore her down, but like a Phenix, she emerged more energetic and determined to live life at its best. She has seen too many people suffering in their lives. She witnessed a lot of sad and helpless people whose pain was more prominent than hers.

It was then she decided she needs to find her purpose that serves humanity at its best. Her search came to a halt when she encountered a psychologist on a spiritual journey, Hajj, who directed her to life coaching.

Nida Jawed has a family?

Yes, she is married to her husband of 17 years with two beautiful teens, a boy, and a girl.

Is coaching for everyone?

No, Life Coaching is for those who are determined to work on their circumstances and want positive change in their life. Life Coaching only works when the client takes up the accountability to put in the work. Only a determined and coachable person can benefit from this service. Stubborn, severely negative people, those stuck in a victim mindset, those who resist change, or anyone who wants instant results, Life Coaching, is not for them.

I am convinced and ready to schedule my 1st appointment with my Life Coach Nida Jawed, where do I sign up?

You may send in your appointment request here

Or text (469) 609-0870

Or email Nida@nidajawed.com

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