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Hello, everyone!

Welcome to Pondering Thoughts with NIDA JAWED!

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Your future is the result of the decisions you make today, and through Pondering Thoughts with Nida Jawed Show, you will find your mind awakening and a realization embedding in your being what needs to change to make you live the life you want?

Not only will you think, but you will also get to find out what you can do to resolve issues. With this show, Nida will share stories of everyday people, teach, educate, bring professionals on board to help you, and give you how-tos to aligned, balanced, and content life. Her dedication is towards serving young & grown-ups discover themselves, mend the present & create life’s blueprint, living an aligned, balanced, content life. She has formulated original methods that work and is now sharing this gift with the world

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Working with Nida Jawed means you are about to enter the best part of your life.

Jennifer King

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