Meet Nida Jawed

Ms. Nida Jawed is the Founder of Nida Jawed Life Coaching, LLC, and a certified professional life coach. Her practice provides online private life coaching sessions, in-person and virtual group coaching sessions in life, relationships, and parenting, offering mentorship for teens and young adults. In addition to healing global clients through her life coaching services, Nida has been nationally and internationally recognized for her talents as a motivational speaker and a poet. Nida is an optimistic life coach who believes in her client’s ability to master the art of a positive mindset while connecting with their emotional intelligence. She does not practice cookie-cutter methodology; thus, her approach is catered towards her client’s individual needs. She makes it her mission to help her clients live an aligned, balanced, and fulfilling lives.

Nida has been nationally and internationally recognized for her talents as a motivational speaker and a poet. She has been honored for her service and creativity by Houston Methodist West Hospital. Nida had the honor of presenting in University symposiums, Northeastern Illinois University, and speeches at Florida International University. Nida has a distinguished history with North Carolina State University; she had an opportunity to complete her anthropological coursework with National Geographic archeologist, author, Dr. S Thomas Parker.

Nida has presented in the global online speakers’ summit rating as the most impactful leader; Motivational talks given by Nida Jawed have been well received by the worldwide audience, with an increasing fan base. She has been published in the tabletop book of poetry collection by Nobel House, London. U.K. Nida was given an Editor’s Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry presented by the International Library of Poetry, Maryland, USA. Nida speaks at Galas, private, public, and community events nationally and internationally, to empower men and women alike.

Nida has created and is now hosting a program for professional women within the United States in collaboration with Her Nexx Chapter, helping women cope and discover a balance between professional and personal lives. As an ambassador for DPW, Nida is working to bring professional women together for networking opportunities and possible collaborations. She has hosted a radio show called “Life Coaching” on Dallas, TX-based radio Station RA. Nida is a Talk Show Host of the youtube show, “Pondering Thoughts with Nida Jawed.” She has multiple wins as a table topic winner for Toastmasters-PepsiCo, and she is an enlister for TEDx Plano.

Nida lives in Plano, TX, with her husband of 17 years and two teenagers, 16-year-old son and a 13-year-old daughter. Nida’s Educational background includes a degree in business from Florida International University, coursework in psychology from Northeastern Illinois University, and in anthropology from North Carolina State University; Certification as a Life Coach from LCIOC, California, and leadership certification from Corporate Banana Republic, New York. Nida is connecting with clients from diverse backgrounds. Her vision is for every individual to live a balanced, aligned, and fulfilled life.

Nida is using her words and skills to change the quality of life for individuals across the world and to encourage a positive mindset. She is a highly motivated, enthusiastic, and responsible individual with a proven track record of delivering excellent work ethics. With an educational background and a degree in business, psychology, anthropology, and certifications in life coaching and leadership, Nida connects with clients from diverse backgrounds who feel the inclusion when in session. Her vision is for every individual to live a balanced, aligned, and fulfilling life.

“Working with Nida Jawed means you are about to enter the best part of your life.” – Jennifer King

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