Nida Jawed Life Coaching


Glad you are here to learn NJLC’s life ABCs, which stands for Live. Aligned. Balanced. Content. You have taken the 1st step towards an aligned, balanced, and content life! The next step is to contact Nida Jawed Life Coach, your life coach, to schedule your 1st online session! This 1st session may be the exact chance you need to give your life. Be fair to yourself; you deserve to be happy and have all of the burdens lifted off your shoulders. You do not need to carry excess baggage of the past or wander into the future. You deserve to live a harmoniously content life NOW! Your future is the result of the decisions you make today, and today you need to get in touch with Nida Jawed, and start writing the best story of your life! Think about what an aligned, balanced, and fulfilled life looks like to you, and then start your journey through self-discovery with Nida Jawed.