Gender Biases in Parenting Roles

Professional Speaker in USA

by Nida Jawed

Another face of our society that makes parenting a little more complicated than it needs to be is gender biases between the parents.

The actions that are accepted if done by the dad are scolded upon when done by the mom. Our society has put a lot of burden on moms regarding parenting, underestimating the dad’s role and importance in a child’s life.

Society’s scale of excuses for an uninvolved parenting style from a father grants him the privilege to spend hours related to his work, development, and growth, providing 16 hours a day to his dedicated task. All of which is accepted because he is, in the end, seen in society as a “provider.”

Undoubtedly, some dads are exceptional providers who are not seeing day and night to make ends meet for their family. I am by no means undervaluing them.

However, the point is if a mom were to invest just as much effort to financially provide for her family and rely on her partner to take care of the house and children while working, she would face bashing and judgment. Most probably, from other women.

When it is about parenting, both parents need to be involved, there is only one healthy style of parenting, and that is, Authoritative.

I am witnessing gender biases and roles within the family that make it harder to thrive and grow together. Public opinion of people’s judgment creates obstacles between teamwork of parents.

Mother and father both are vital, but I hear so many times moms say, “I have to be a father and a mother to my child.” I hear this statement from moms who are single and married!

To create healthy families, both parents need to play their part without focusing on the judgments and comments of outside societal perceptions.

Partners should discuss clear roles and responsibilities of being a parent with each other. Mothers should not have to face judgments for doing what is accepted by fathers, and if fathers hold a nurturing position of taking care of their home and children, why pass a judgment on them for being less masculine?

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