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“Working with Nida Jawed means you are about to enter the best part of your life.” -Jennifer King

“Nida is an amazing human being and her compassionate nature makes her an incredible life coach.” Atiya Syed

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*How life coaching can help you?
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Nida Jawed Life Coaching services are open to global clients all across the globe through virtual sessions and in-person within Dallas, TX, and surrounding cities.

Nida Jawed Life Coaching offers 60 minutes Virtual Life Coaching sessions via Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, and Facebook Messenger.

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Nida Jawed Life Coaching Services

Couples & Parents Coaching

Catering to the couple’s needs: Addressing the following areas but not limited to:


*Personal Transformation

*Defining and implementing partnership responsibility

*Expectations and conflicts with gender roles

*Improvement in quality of marriage and parenting

*Creating balance in life and relationships

*Problem-solving and decision making, together

*Addressing concerns and implementing strategic guidance

*Communication and interpersonal skills

*Future Goals, vision setting

*Boundaries and personal space

Life Coaching for individuals

Catering to the Individual needs: Addressing the following areas but not limited to:

*Includes self-discovery coaching bonus

*Addresses improvement in all segments of life

*Addressing concerning needs, roadblocks, fears, limiting beliefs

*Strategizing mindful and conscious living

*Problem-Solving and decision-making.

*Overcoming and moving past trauma, reimplementing hope.

*Recreating balance of mind, body, and soul to lead a successful life.

*implementation of goals and strategic plan

*Gaining full control over life’s tests and challenges.

*Accountability and responsibility

*Boundaries and personal space

Youth Coaching

Catering to the youth’s needs and parent’s concerns: Addressing the following areas but not limited to:

*For youth 14+. 

*Personal Transformation and self-discovery,

*Decision-making, and impactful communication skills.

*Social challenges, family challenges, educational challenges are addressed

*Parent-youth relationship dynamics are discussed.

*Provided safe space to explore and discuss their worries, self-esteem, fears, talents, and build self-confidence.

*Effective no worry transitioning after graduation, middle school to high school, high school to college.

*College Student mentoring, balance, life, and time management.

*Parents may be asked to take onboarding or parenting sessions depending on their child’s needs

““Working with Nida Jawed means you are about to enter the best part of your life.” – Jennifer King

Bonus Benfits of Life Coaching

Self-Awareness and Spiritual Nourishment

*You will learn how to identify limiting beliefs, possible shortcomings, and self-perception.

*You will understand and recognize your strengths and weaknesses.

*You will learn how to establish and set boundaries for personal peace and sanity.

*You will learn how to strategize corrective actions leading to enhanced life possibilities.

Self-Respect and Tranquility

*You will discover your self-worth and values.

* You will come in an alignment with your inner self, connect with your truth, and transition into a positive, manifesting mindset.

*You will gain spiritual, mental, and physical wholeness.

*You will gain enlightenment to attain your direct intuitive insight to prioritize your life balance.

*Learn to connect with your self-being and spirituality; mastering your relationships, life balance, and personal growth.

Unwrap the life you have been gifted and start living to the fullest

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