Nida Jawed Life Programs

Parent coaching is an emerging way for parents to gain support for a variety of parenting issues. Through this coaching style, parents will gain access to the tools, ideas, and support they need to become the superhero their children need. This coaching also helps build relationships and communication between parents and children, strengthens the bond whether you have small children, teens, or young adults. Schedule your free consultation by clicking here.

Parenting GIFT-Life Session

Parenting Life Session-Gift, This recorded program helps you recognize your parenting style, areas of improvement, and the damage it may be causing your children. You will also gain access to the tips and tricks of parenting. This program will answer the question, how do I become the hero my children need? Your children are looking up to you, and you are building their future. Let’s help you help your children by working on your skills; let’s get you to become the parents your children need. Order your program link below! My GIFT to you!

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