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Nida Jawed Life Coaching offers 60 minute Virtual Life Coaching Session via Skype, Zoom, and Facebook Messenger.

Weekend Virtual-Life Coaching Session scheduled upon requests

60 minute Online-Life Coaching Session

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Sessions are offered Monday through Friday from  9am to 5pm

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Coaching Services:

Types of coaching services offered:

  • Life-Coaching covers one or all segments of your life you will like to improve or thrive in. This can be picked for all and any of your concerns related to any aspect of your life.
  • Youth-Coaching is for youth 15+.  This helps youth with personal development, self-discovery, decision making, and impactful communication skills. In addition, parent-youth relationship dynamics are discussed. Youth have safe space to explore their worries, self-esteem, fears, talents, and build their self-confidence. Youth-Coaching is an ease when transitioning from high-school to college.
  • Premarital-Coaching is for individuals who are about to get married or thinking of getting married. We will discuss and create a plan to achieve your goal to thrive in your new relationship.
  • Marriage-Coaching is for married individuals who will like to improve and thrive in their marriage. The concerns will be addressed.
  • Parenting-Coaching Session is for parents who are concerned about their children, will like to connect with their children better, and/or are experiencing difficulty with their children’s behavior. All other parenting concerns can also be addressed.
  • Relationship-Coaching Session covers your family and friends. We will discuss your concerns in your particular relationship.
  • There are 3 packages NJLC offers to maximize the value for the positive impact and results.  It is understood that years of damage take more than one session to recover from, and NJLC takes our clients’ recovery very seriously.  Each package includes a valued discount for our clients. In-person private sessions and weekend sessions are offered on special request.

Virtual & In-Person

Group Coaching Sessions:

Booking Group Coaching session with Nida Jawed for corporate companies, professional institutes, groups, practices, universities, social groups, non-profit and profit organizations is encouraged.

1 to 2-hour session will be presented based on the topic of interest provided by the organization to help professionals, employees, and individuals.

These sessions will help develop a positive mindset and change in challenging areas, leading individuals towards an aligned, balanced, and fulfilled life.

Speaking Engagements:

If you are an individual or an organization looking to invite Nida Jawed for a speaking engagement, then please send your requests and inquires to

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Call or TEXT: (469) 609-0870

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