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Nida Jawed Life Coaching is a Dallas-based practice serving worldwide clients towards successful, thriving, aligned, balanced, and content lives. Life Coach, Nida Jawed’s mission is to help teens and adults alike grow through personal transformation while working on their lives and relationships. She believes building up nourishing families & flourishing individuals is essential for the future, it will prevent suicidal mindsets, and cater to healthy living and positive mental impact.

NJLC proudly offers group coaching sessions that help individuals, couples, and parents; all group coaching sessions offered will be announced on Nida Jawed’s social media channels and will appear on the website, so do not forget to subscribe to all of the social outlets and sign up to receive updates.

Nida Jawed has made a massive impact and has created recognition for life coaching in short years of service. For Nida jawed’s story and vision, click here. Nida’s dedication is unparalleled in providing the best of inspirational talks, guidance, education, and wisdom for all clients looking to host group coaching sessions and parties for their community members, students, leadership, employees, friends, and family. All clients are highly encouraged to look out for the individuals in their surroundings and teams and build people up in masses together.

The most beneficial coaching events foster relationships with existing team members, friends, groups, and family. NJLC looks forward to stimulating relationships with existing clients while engaging with new clients through these events. Nida Jawed believes in an unparalleled attention to detail when it comes to individual minds; these events align with Nida’s vision to build people up in masses, and there should be no time wasted when it comes to building secure and content individuals. Those with a positive mindset are more mindful, perform better, go further in life and add value to their jobs, families, and communities.

“Build not just yourself but also those you want to keep in your life for a long time.” -Nida Jawed

Nida Jawed is available for in-person and virtual group sessions and workshops for private groups, high schools, universities, organizations, TV shows, and corporations looking to help enhance the growth and development of their community members, students, leadership, employees, friends, and family.

Groups and organizations looking to host Group Coaching Parties, which Nida is very happy to be part of may also connect:

Text: (469) 609-0870| You may also fill out the form below for bookings and a list of topics.

For Inquiries and requests for a media kit or speaker sheet please email|

Inquiries can be sent to| Text: (469) 609-0870| You may also fill out the form below for bookings.

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Call or TEXT: (469) 609-0870

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