“It was such a wonderful experience with you. I learnt so much but I feel it wasn’t enough and there’s so much more i can learn from you. The most important thing that you helped me with was self discovery.

You also taught me how to address, confront and rationalize my fear.  I feel that the sessions holistically were very effective and had a positive impact on my mental and emotional wellbeing.”


“Thnx nida luv u because of you I felt my worth”

“I also wanted to personally thank you. At that time when you offered to help me I was so worried and you were God sent. I have come a long way since then, and your support has meant a lot. I’ll keep coming back for more advice inshallah”

“It felt good talking to a kind, honest, and dedicated girl, working with a good intentions. She made me realize the difference between compromising and tolerating. And that it’s ok to think for yourself according to your need and intentions.”

“My wife convinced me to get life coaching from Nida, after my gambling addiction got out of hand and we suffered great losses. Through a series of one to one sessions Nida helped me realize the reasons behind my addiction. She covered various sectors of my life and personality, and helped me come to terms with my past, improve my present, and get in touch with my spiritual self. I am specially thankful to Nida for helping me and my wife improve our relationship.”
– U

“My thoughts in a simple message. Nida is an expert in her profession and I highly recommend her.”

“Sr Nida has been mentoring my daughter spiritually and mentally.
I have seen many positive changes in my daughter since I started sessions with Nida Jawed – for example.
My daughter has increased and improved a lot spiritually. Her believe in Allah has increased. Her believe in destiny and being thankful for the bounties of creator has increased exponentially.
She has often expressed her gratitude by doing work in house making breakfast for me and checking on my day calling and texting.
She has been sharing her ideas and goals and we hang out a lot goes out for dinners and ice creams.
She has become my motivator some professional goals of mine.
All these has happened with Nida Jawed hard work and beautiful style of connecting with teenagers.
Her sessions were very productive and organized. She has been updating with the status of session and guided us with texting and emailing.
Nida has done a wonderful job with my child and I am so grateful to her for what she has done,
I would strongly recommend Nida to anyone who want their child to be spiritually and mentally strong and become a positive individual in their life.
NIda Javed the life coach, has ability to uplift our community teenagers to set positive goals in their life lead a balanced spiritual and healthy life..
Thanks again Nida Jawed  for help in shaping my child into a strong individual.”

“I used Nida’s Life Coaching services, and I think it was a great decision because she not only helps you with your problem but also guides you to how to deal with them.  It is a great outlet to be able to discuss your  problems with somebody who can guide you, specially about things you don’t normally discuss with anyone.  I never felt Judged or uncomfortable talking to her.  For me it was a truly good experience.”


“Working with Nida Jawed means you are about to enter the best part of your life.” – Jennifer King

“Nida helped me so much during a very rough patch of my life.  My sister had become suicidal and I had no idea how to talk to her and what to say to calm her down and take her away from those thoughts.

She guided me on what to say and how to approach my sister.  In fact, the analysis she made regarding what was going on with her was verbatim to what my sister’s therapist told her as well.  She is insightful, thoughtful, intelligent, non judgmental and so approachable.  I was not embarrassed or hesitant to discuss even the most personal things with her.

Nida is an amazing human being and her compassionate nature makes her an incredible life coach.  I will always be grateful to her for helping me get through my sister.”

-A. M.

“I’ve been Nida’s fan ever since our class couple of years ago, so likewise on watching greatness expand.  I wish nothing but success for her.”
H. H

“We may not be connected on regular basis but believe me I think about Nida, I think about our conversations and I keep her in my prayers for clearing many things for me.  I have started working part time and doing much better.
P. I

“I was almost ready to give up on myself when I met Nida.  She helped me get back on track, be accountable for my own decisions, and stop playing a victim.  She helped me turn my life around and I take her as an answer to my prayers.”

-L. S.

” I wasn’t ready to move and for a change, I was so very afraid of not knowing what things can turn out to be.  Nida guided me through a change I was so afraid to make, and here I am now, so happy that it happened.”

-S. D.

“When I came back from your class my family asked me what I’ve learnt today my quick response was I tried to discover myself that who exactly I am and where I am standing ? 😊 it’s the first step for me to come out from my perspective of life !! Thank you so much for all that guidance and much needed hugs great class looking forward to have more sessions with you in sha allah .. it was pleasure meeting you 😊


“Great show today Nida! Thank you for talking about these topics.”


“I want to let you know how remarkable you are and all that you are doing; it’s truly a blessing to be a long side of you as a beloved sister! Thank you for all that you do and the wonderful ministries you are in.”

-Michele McArther

Audio Testimony in Urdu
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