Cleansing of the mind

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COVID-19 has the whole world washing up, cleaning up for a healthy life, and preventing the deadly spread.

However, there is something more dangerous, the negative mindsets, the limiting beliefs, of those who spread the three Hs,

Harm &

Our thoughts are forming due to influences and experiences we witness or feel. The human mind fluctuates very fast, and once it develops a pattern, we either have pessimistic tendencies or optimistic ones.

1st, Think about the presence of the word, hate, in your life. What or who made you hate someone or something? The idea of “hate” was generated in your mind from an opinion, place, or an experience. Once the concept or a belief develops, you start sharing the cycle of influence.

The negative thoughts spread faster than the positive ones because we share them negatively, such as backbiting, criticism, gossip, revenge, envy, jealousy, competition, and others. The harmful intentions or mindset communicates that the hate, harm, and heartache spread, finding space in another person’s mind, body, or even soul.

2nd, harm, experiencing emotional or physical abuse can damage mental wellbeing at severe levels. Imagine all places where you witnessed or allowed liability on yourself or others. That pain destroyed something in you, or the experience made you see someone or something in a negative light, forming biases; you started painting groups of similar backgrounds with the same brush. The anger you could not take out on an abuser came out on someone else you thought you could control.

The experiences of broken trust and harm lead people to cage themselves in their minds to protect themselves from damage and prevent others from doing the same. The people who experience emotional injury are often on the defense mode, initiating harm before they get harmed.

Lastly, what are heartaches? They often are breakups, the losses, the griefs, the regrets, the trusts, the fears, the broken souls.

People will learn to prevent the pain from happening; harm before getting hurt, or give up on life altogether. The mindset of “if you don’t try, then you won’t fail” occurs here. Even when they are giving advice, then the advice is more of a warning or a discouragement.

Negative people’s mindset is taking formation by accepting negativity, forming limiting beliefs, and spreading them.

In conclusion, washing up our minds is just as crucial for all of us. We have to keep it declutter and clean too. The experiences we face of hate, harm, and heartaches come in the way of a positive mindset, sabotage our growth, and spread from us to someone else.

How can you help yourself? Connect with Nida Jawed Life Coaching, and let’s work on decluttering your mind and have you live to the fullest of your well-deserved life. It is time to tackle your limiting beliefs and wash them out. Click here to schedule your discovery call.

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