Life lessons and what to do with them

Life Coach in Dallas

By Nida Jawed

Life is an institution of learning. We are learning and growing through so much of experience from birth till death will encounter us. We all know that, and I am not sharing anything new here.

Now, here’s the point I want to make, we are learning through the institution of life, never actually graduating! There is no degree for us to hold at the end that says, “yes, I did it.” There is no sense of accomplishment or pride, “Now I am in a higher position than someone else because I have done so well in my life.”

Life is teaching us the lessons we need, not what we want to learn. Life lessons test us regardless of financial status or formal education. Life lessons are given to an individual by the supreme being and not to the “class.” Life doesn’t group people; it remains yours.

Problem, we learn to disregard the lessons; why? Because we are accustomed to a final graduation, we are accustomed to a sense of accomplishment. We need gratification and be better than someone else. We need competition to prove our worth, and we need assurance that our hard work will pay off. We are accustomed to identifying success as worth, status, importance, finances, material, jewels, relationships, families, romance, and treasures of abundance in bounty. Anyone who doesn’t meet at least a few social status measures is looked upon as if they have “failed in life.”

The society standards of an “accomplished” person only give you the right to flaunt your achievements, degrees, jobs, richness, fame.

Life does not discriminate against its students.

Every person experiences pain, grief, sadness, disappointment, happiness, contentment, fulfillment, joy; life gives you what you “need” to accept, not what you are “willing” to take.

Life gives a lesson to develop your character, your being, nurture who you are after you have earned and learned. Life asks the simple questions, “so now you are successful by your definition, what will you do now? Or “so now you are failing by your definition, what will you do now?”

These questions take you into the next phase of life, think, develop, evolve, and improve; make the change. You will never stop learning, my friend, not in this lifetime at least.

Just remember, real success is the wisdom you gain to share with others. The knowledge you share with others is the only part of your worldly success that shall remain alive after you are gone. Degrees, that paper is worthless for anyone else once you are gone. Jobs, someone else will replace your position once you are gone. Riches, it will be divided once you are gone. Fame, out of sight, out of mind.

So, what will you do now? call/Text (469) 609-0870, email, or schedule your free discovery session here; let’s help you discover how you can utilize your institution of life to work in your favor.

Life coach Nida Jawed looking with a endearing glare of hope for you to join her for the journey of self-discovery and transform using her services.
Your life coach Nida Jawed

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