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Life lessons and what to do with them

Life Coach in Dallas

Message of how life lessons can help a person develop, evolve, discover and transform.

Blogs-The Facts and Fun Read

Get the Blog Post by clicking the subject The Silent Mind What is a Perfect Woman? Mindfulness, Purpose, and Compassion with Nida Jawed Where is my village? Abundance: More than Material Wealth Self-Discoveries in the Middle of a Pandemic The Two Worlds of Virtual… Continue Reading “Blogs-The Facts and Fun Read”

How to cope with adversity? Spiritual-Islamic View

While you are deciding on when to make that appointment with Nida, here is a little piece of ease you can find peace in. Regardless of the faith you follow, God’s promise is the same, and you can cope with adversities you are facing. Nida Jawed is here to serve you when getting through hard times becomes difficult. Wishing you all the best in life. It is time to give your life a chance to recover and schedule an appointment with Nida for an online session


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